IREI : LIVE Defining Global Opportunity Sets in Data Centers

During Defining Global Opportunity Sets in Data Centers, we examine the following topics: What are the fundamental drivers for data centers today globally? Are they real estate or infrastructure? How do design and operation management drive returns, and how can they help to manage costs and risk? We scan the globe defining opportunities in United States, Europe and in emerging markets. (11/2021)

Loretta Clodfelter, Senior Editor, Institutional Real Estate Americas
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

TJ Hofheimer, Senior Director, Portfolio Management
National Real Estate Advisors

Paul Lewis, Director, European Data Centres
Principal Real Estate

Part I: Future of Data Centers

  • Are they real estate or are they infrastructure?
  • Defining size, scale and future market demand dynamics
  • Examine how design and development drive future returns

Part II: Future of Data Centers

  • Defining and managing risk
  • What operational opportunities are available to drive future returns?
  • What are ESG challenges and solutions in the data center market?
  • Comparing and Contrasting: Opportunity sets in the United States & Europe

Sponsored by:
National Real Estate Advisors
Principal Real Estate


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