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Leste Group's Josh Patinkin on the current multifamily housing market

Josh Patinkin, managing director at Leste Group, discusses the current state of the multifamily housing market, how COVID-19 affect operations, property amenities and investing, what some of the current challenges are for multifamily owners/investors and developers and more. (01/2022)

Graceada Partners' Ryan Swehla on the outpost economy

Ryan Swehla, co-founder and principal at Graceada Partners, discusses how new hybrid work models and shifting attitudes have prompted moves to secondary and tertiary markets with a high quality of life. (01/2022) Ryan attended the 2021 iREOC Annual Membership Meeting, which took place in San Diego, Calif., in November 2021.

AEW's Pam Herbst on her career in the institutional real estate industry

Pam Herbst, executive managing director (RETIRED) formerly at AEW Capital Management, discusses what inspired her to have a career in the institutional real estate business, what goes through her mind when she thinks of female leaders who were the early industry “trailblazers," her personal role model, advice for young women entering a male-dominated profession and more.

Report from Asia: Rethinking the workplace

Neil Synnott, head of client services for Asia Pacific at IQ-EQ, authored a story in the January 2022 issue of Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific headlined "rethinking the workplace" that argues real estate investors must reinvent office spaces in ways that address ESG and COVID-19 if they hope to retain their best talent. Also needed, he says, are more experiential workspaces. Synnott joins the program to share his thoughts on some of the particulars of the reinvention he is calling for.…

Principal's Indraneel Karlekar on the outlook for 2022

Indraneel Karlekar, global head of research and strategy at Principal Real Estate Investors, discusses the outlook for 2022 and provides a few examples from Principal's recent report titled "Inside Real Estate: Annual Strategy Outlook for 2022." To read the full report, click here. (01/2022) To read Karlekar's recent article on how COVID-19 is propelling real estate into the future in the January 2022 issue of Institutional Real Estate Americas, click here.

Report from Europe: INREV's latest report on net-zero ambitions

INREV released its first paper on net-zero carbon targets in November 2021. Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe talked to Lonneke Löwik, the CEO of INREV just before the holidays on the paper and how real estate investors and managers can get ready for net-zero carbon. (01/2022)

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