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Report from Asia: The bed, shed and bread thesis of real estate investing

What is the “bed, shed and bread” thesis? How do investors go about future-proofing their Asia-Pacific real estate portfolios? What should real estate investors be doing now if they picked “losers” sitting in their portfolios? Shaowei Toh, head of research and strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at UBS, joins the program to explain. (10/2020)

Inside the Edition: Real estate's slowing deal flow

Buyers are looking for distressed real estate assets and bargain prices. Sellers are mostly standing firm for fear of leaving money on the table. That's been a formula for sluggish deal flows among several property types. Loretta Clodfelter, senior editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, reports. (10/2020)

In Focus: Marcelo Cajias on data intelligence, Part 1

In the first part of a multi-part series, Marcelo Cajias, head of data intelligence at PATRIZIA AG, discusses how to approach data in the era of digitalization. (10/2020) For more information from PATRIZIA on this matter check out this sponsor interview with Madhi Mokrane here.

Real estate alternatives 101: Preparing for the next decade of real estate investment

Real estate alternative sectors are top-of-mind today as investors seek to diversify and future-proof their real estate portfolios. This webinar will discuss three megatrends — a continued shift towards renting, a transformation of the U.S. healthcare system and a rise in the digital economy — that Nuveen expects to help drive the long-term outperformance of alternative housing, healthcare, and technology real estate properties. Learn about demand drivers impacting each subsector and our view of future opportunities. (10/2020) Moderator: Jonathan Schein,…

Report from Europe: The changing definition of core real estate

What is the current definition of core real estate in Europe? What is the negative side about expanding properties considered to be core? And how are society changes and technology advancements changing core’s definition? Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, wrote a major feature story on the topic in the October edition of the magazine, and he joins us to discuss his conclusions. (09/2020)

Shop Talk: How virtualization of the workforce is spurring office opportunities in secondary markets

With the forced virtualization of much of the U.S. workforce in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, speculation about the future of the office has been rampant among commercial real estate operators and investors. Among the observers and commentators are Joe Muratore and Ryan Swehla of Graceada Partners, who recently co-authored a white paper discussing how the pandemic will change the nature of offices and work. They view the situation largely from a secondary and tertiary market perspective and have witnessed…

Webinar: REOC JV Trends: A 360-Degree View of the Multifamily Sector Today

Discover the latest trends, strategies and insights surrounding multifamily investments. This webinar takes a 360-degree view of the multifamily sector through a discussion that includes perspectives from an investor, investment manager and operator. Learn the key issues on their minds as related to investment management, capital raising and relationship management today. (09/2020) Moderator: Lou Jacobsohn, Enterprise Account Director, Juniper Square Speakers: Cecelia Chen, Senior Investment Officer, Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System Russell Dixon, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, RedHill…

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