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Shop Talk: Tactical fund managers getting caught flat-footed by coronavirus, oil price collapse

Have tactical fund managers gotten caught flat-footed by the coronavirus and the collapse in oil prices? What could (or should) tactical managers have done in light of recent events? Is tactical management all it is advertised to be, or is mostly a marketing play? What have studies of long-term performance comparing strategic versus tactical fund management taught us? John Traynor, executive vice president and CIO at People’s United Advisors joins the program to share his experiences and insights. (03/2020)

Inside the Edition: Investors and the affordable housing crisis

Loretta Clodfelter, senior editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, and Mike Consol, editor of Real Assets Adviser, discuss the recent reporting done by both magazines and via podcasts about the affordable housing crisis and some of the approaches being pursued by investors. (03/2020)

Shop Talk: The investment opportunity in select-service and extended-stay hotels

Mitesh “Mit” Shah, CEO of Noble Investment Group, has invested around $4 billion in the U.S. hotel business through his organization’s real estate funds. He talks about his past and present strategies, why so many real estate investors leave the hotel/hospitality property type out of their portfolios, and why the select-service and extended-stay segments of the hotel business offer such good opportunities. Shah is also part of the ownership group that controls the Atlanta Hawks, the franchised rated as having…

In Focus: Sam Bendix on data centers

Sam Bendix, managing director, investor relations at National Real Estate Advisors, discusses if technological obsolescence is a significant risk factor in data center investment and what are the current and future demand drivers for data centers. (03/2020)

In Focus: Russ Appel on risk

Russ Appel, founding principal at Praedium Group, discusses risk as it relates to late-cycle investing and how to manage and mitigate risk in real estate portfolios. (02/2020)

Shop Talk: 58 wealthy families take on the affordable housing crisis

Is there any bigger social problem today than the lack of affordable housing? It is a global crisis — so much so that affordable housing was on the agenda at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Among the people on the ground in Davos was a person looking to put a dent in the affordable housing problem with the backing of 58 high-net-worth families, is our guest. Randy Norton of Green Mesa Capital, and chairman of MultiGreen Properties,…

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