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Shop Talk: An analysis of AFIRE's global real estate survey

What property types are currently attractive to institutional investors? What’s in vogue regarding investment strategies? What cities are investors finding especially appealing? What risks are they particularly attuned to? Gunnar Branson, CEO of AFIRE (A Fellowship for International Real Estate) joins us to discuss the survey’s methodology and conclusions. (04/2019)

In Focus: Abbe Franchot Borok on commercial real estate debt

Abbe Franchot Borok, head of originations at Amherst Capital's commercial real estate lending business, discusses commercial real estate debt and why commercial real estate lending is the sweet spot in real estate investing today. (04/2019)

Shop Talk: The L.A. infrastructure renaissance

Los Angeles is hotly anticipating hosting the 2022 Super Bowl, the 2028 Summer Olympics and, potentially, the 2026 World Cup — and is in the midst of a $15 billion modernization of Los Angeles International Airport, and the construction of a $4 billion, 298-acre NFL stadium and real estate development that will be the most expensive U.S. stadium ever built. What's more, both the LAX and stadium projects are being financed by private investors. Our guest, Sean Burton, is president…

In Focus: Greg Lindsay on the city of tomorrow

Greg Lindsay, journalist, urbanist, futurist, speaker and author, discusses the attributes that the city of tomorrow will have that have always made successful cities great. (03/2019)

Shop Talk: Building low and minimum volatility equities portfolios

What is low and minimum volatility investing? What is the goal of this type of investment? What are some of the strategies available for creating these types of equities portfolios? Our guest, Dana D’Auria, managing director of Symmetry Partners, explains the process. (03/2019)

Report from Asia: Overlooked opportunities in the Land of the Rising Sun

Institutional real estate investors tend to overlook Japan, despite good opportunities in the Land of the Rising Sun. That is the word from Shusaku “Shu” Watanabe, a director at Nuveen Real Estate. Why is Japan routinely overlooked? What opportunities are going unnoticed? Why is Japan’s aging citizenry and shrinking population not a red flag for the housing industry? What are some of the precautions would-be investors should take into account before making financial commitments to Japan’s housing sector? We discuss.…

Inside the Edition: Proptech and the debt markets

The real estate industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies, but proptech appears to be changing that. Also featured in the February edition of Institutional Real Estate Americas are a pair of stories about the debt markets and the forces driving them. Editor Loretta Clodfelter walks us through those topics. (02/2019)

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