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Graceada Partners' Ryan Swehla on secondary and tertiary markets

Ryan Swehla, principal and co-founder at Graceada Partners, discusses the different dynamics at play in secondary and tertiary markets versus primary markets, how secondary and tertiary markets have performed over the last 18 months, how population shifts and migration have supported a secondary and tertiary market thesis and the forecast for the secondary and tertiary markets over the next 24-36 months. (03/2024)

Lessons in REIT investing with NYU real estate students

Scott Robinson, professor of capital markets at New York University, oversees a student-managed REIT fund managing money from the university's benefactors. How are the students faring? What property types are the students emphasizing in the fund? What are their aspirations in the real estate industry post graduation?  Professor Robinson explains. (03/2024)

Report from Europe: Analysing real estate's megaforces

Simon Durkin, global head of real estate research and analytics at BlackRock, joins Marek Handzel, the editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, to discuss the five "megaforces" that BlackRock believes will drive real estate investment decision-making over the next few years — and beyond. (03/2024)

Harbor Group International's Carla Stoner on insurance costs

Carla Stoner, chief financial officer at Harbor Group International, discusses the current insurance premium cost trends and what is driving these trends, what other factors might be causing rising insurance premiums, what regions and property types are most at risk and how have rising interest rates impacted the insurance industry. (03/2024)

An assessment of the revived U.S. retail market

Annie Malo, a partner with the law firm Holland & Knight LLP, represents tenants and landlords in her retail practice and has witnessed a post-pandemic boom in U.S. retailing. This comes after years of investors treating the sector as though it were kryptonite. (03/2024)

The overlooked and high-performing apartment markets of the Midwest

Ben Young, CIO at Buckingham and a former managing director at BlackRock in New York, is now stationed in Indianapolis and has much to say about the friendliness, work ethic and general ethos of Midwesterners — and the grand investment opportunities in the so-called Fly-Over States. (02/2024)

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