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Shrinking office attendance and its impact on business district retailers

Christine Mastandrea — COO of Whitestone Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns, develops and redevelops e-commerce-resistant neighborhood and lifestyle retail centers — lends us her voice and expertise in discussing the domino effect that office sector travails are having on the portion of the retail sector that has colonized around office buildings in financial and business districts. (02/2023)

The hottest U.S. apartment market of them all

Multifamily has been hot for years, and some markets hotter than others. But what is the hottest apartment market of them all? Shakti C’Ganti, founder and CEO of Ashland Greene Capital and former investment banker at Lehman Bros., says there is one market that has risen above all other, based on five key drivers. He joins the program to identify that market and explain the measurements used to assess its supremacy. (02/2023)

Report from Europe: ESG and greenwashing

Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, reports that overlaying the new Sustainable Finance Dis­closure Regulation framework to real estate managers’ and investors’ portfolios is “an exercise in fitting a square peg in a round hole,” according to a new report on ESG from INREV. He explains the dilemmas being faced by real estate interest. (02/2023)

Inside the mind and actions of the SEC

Amy Lynch, founder and president of FrontLine Compliance — and a former regulator at both the SEC and FINRA — makes a return appearance to the program to discuss recent regulatory action by the SEC on cryptocurrencies, ESG, the agency’s new marketing rule, and its concerns around private funds. (02/2023)

Real estate deal flow and the economic outlook

Featured on this edition of the program is Jim Costello, chief economist at MSCI Real Assets, to discuss the latest trends in U.S. real estate deal flows and the economic conditions driving the deals that are getting done — and not getting done. (02/2023)

Foreign real estate investing in the United States and the forces that threaten

Gunnar Branson, the CEO of AFIRE (the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate), joins the program to discuss his organization’s insights with regard to foreign capital flows into the United States, secondary real estate markets, the country’s aging population and its restrictive immigration policy. (02/2023)

Bluerock CEO offers perspectives and forecasts for real estate 2023

Ramin Kamfar, founder and CEO of Bluerock, joins the program to discuss a host of topics, such as: The main headwind facing real estate investors, as well as the prime tailwind. The most likely property-type-of-the year. What might be the sleeper property type for 2023. The future of office. The U.S. housing crisis. It’s all here — those topics and more. (02/2023)

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