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Author Spotlight: International financier turns to fiction to tell tale of dark money and global politics

Jay Newman, a former hedge fund portfolio manager who spent 40 years involved with international finance — including being viewed as the mastermind behind a historic 15-year fight to recover billions of dollars in defaulted debt from the government of Argentina — has authored the new novel Undermoney, part of a three-book deal with Scribner. With cameo appearances by Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the novel offers a fictionalized account of the very real instances of…

IMRF's Angela Miller-May on opportunities in the office sector

Angela Miller-May, CIO of Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, discusses why current real estate fundamentals and leasing trends are good indicators of new opportunities in the office sector. (03/2022) Angela attended IREI's VIP Americas 2022 event in Carlsbad, Calif., in January.  

How the hotel sector outperformed expectations

Not only was there no pandemic-induced bloodbath for hotels, but the lodging industry actually exceeded expectations. Michelle Russo, founder and CEO of Hotel Asset Value Enhancement (hotelAVE), joins the program to discuss how hotels finessed the situation, and why she sees opportunities for innovations and heightened profitability going forward. (03/2022)

IREI : LIVE — Real Estate Debt

During the Real Estate Debt webinar a number of established thought leaders in the real estate debt space are brought together to help you put opportunities and risks into perspective. During these panel discussions, you will gain new insights on the fundamentals of real estate debt, as well as find out how and why it’s still an attractive option in today’s inflationary and rising interest rate environment. By examining and discussing a variety of different strategies, sectors and vehicles across…

Inside the Edition: A global assessment of these tumultuous times for office

Loretta Clodfelter, senior editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, discusses a trio of features appearing in the April issue of Institutional Real Estate Americas, largely focused on the many factors and considerations revolving around the office markets of Asia, Europe and North American, while also expanding into the broader expectations for real estate performance in other property types. (03/2022)

Heitman's Caleb Mercer on the European self-storage market

Caleb Mercer, managing director at Heitman, discusses why European self-storage is behind the United States, and why it is nevertheless a great investment opportunity. (03/2022) Caleb attended IREI's VIP Americas 2022 event in Carlsbad, Calif., in January.

Taurus' Peter Merrigan on green building initiatives

Peter Merrigan, CEO of Taurus, discusses how real estate developers can reduce the impact buildings have on climate change, what environmental factors make properties more attractive for buyers and renters, and more. (03/2022)

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