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Entrepreneur takes coffee and printing services to apartment complexes

Jonathan Treble, founder and CEO of WithMe, Inc., had trouble printing concert tickets years ago, a frustration that led him to start a new company that evolved into tech-enabled services for apartment buildings — and maybe even a competitive edge for apartments taking advantage of the services. Who knew coffee and printing services could become a significant play? And more services are apparently on deck. (06/2024)

Investing in and operating mission-critical government facilities

FEMA and DEA facilities, VA hospitals and TSA buildings, and top-secret national security edifices. Those are among the privately owned and operated facilities built, owned, operated and leased to the federal government by Easterly Government Properties, a publicly traded REIT that has leased more than 9 million square feet to 40 federal agencies. Darrell Crate, the REIT’s co-founder, is our guest. (06/2024)

The Dohrmann Report: May 2024

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., discusses the new era of business events — those pre- and post-pandemic, and those live and virtual. (05/2024)

An effort to automate and simplify deal-matching and fundraising campaigns

Trilliam Jeong, founder and CEO of WealthBlock, has set an organizational vision to create a private investment network — initially catering to high-end investors and then expanding to include non-accredited investors — that provides AI-driven deal matching by serving as a search engine for private investment. In the meantime, the company’s platform offers customizable straight-through processing that automates the manual client onboarding and investment processes that bedevil financial advisers. (05/2024)

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