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Tune in regularly to hear industry executives and thought leaders share their market perspectives and insights. In addition, keep abreast of industry trends and issues by listening to The Dohrmann Report, a monthly podcast with IREI president and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

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Shop Talk: The impact of government stimulus on the multifamily and affordable housing sectors

The coronavirus-triggered economic emergency in the United States has left many people unemployed and struggling to pay bills, including their rent fees. Inna Khidekel, a partner at Bridge Investment Group, operates in the multifamily, workforce housing and affordable housing spaces, and she joins the program to discuss the impact the federal government’s stimulus program is having on the U.S. housing sector. (04/2020)

The Dohrmann Report: April 2020

What did the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic teach us about the world's ability to rebound from medical and economic trauma? What are some of the factors that need to be taken into account with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown? And, on a microcosmic level, how has it been affecting IREI's business operations? Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., offers some perspectives. (04/2020)

In Focus: John Williams on affordable housing

John Williams, chief investment officer, president, Avanath Capital Management, discusses the increase in capital allocation from ESG investors to the affordable housing industry, how Avanath provides impact investments for its investors, how they measure that impact and if Avanath anticipates a shift in ESG investors in 2020 based on current market conditions. (04/2020)

In Focus: Tom Masthay on TMRS' real assets portfolio

Tom Masthay, director of private equity for the Texas Municipal Retirement System, provides an update on TMRS' real estate and infrastructure strategies and shares goals for the real assets portfolio in 2020. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: Industrial properties flexing muscle during economic shutdown

Even as large swaths of U.S. commerce have plunged in the grips of the COVID-19 economic shutdown, the industrial/warehouse real estate sector has shown great resilience, maintaining high occupancy rates and benefiting from the “on-shoring” and “near-shoring” trends. Jon Pharris is co-founder and president of CapRock Partners, which specializes in the acquisition of middle-market, value-add assets, as well as developing large scale industrial warehouse facilities. He joins the program to elaborate on the property type’s outperformance. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: A defense of the long-term strength and viability of office space

By the time he attended college, he was dreaming of a career as an NFL linebacker. That was followed by visions of being a Hollywood actor. In the end, Christopher Rising followed in the footsteps of his father — longtime Los Angeles real estate developer Nelson Rising — in the construction and leasing of office buildings. Now, with office space under big pressure from the forced telecommuting of millions of U.S. office workers, Christopher Rising, co-founder and CEO of Rising…

Report from Europe: COVID-19 update

Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, offers an update of regarding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the euro zone. (04/2020)

In Focus: Chris Miers on investing in real estate globally

Chris Miers, senior research consultant on the real assets research team at NEPC, discusses growth within the investable universe, alpha opportunities, and why investors should globalize their investment portfolios. (04/2020) Chris Miers attended IREI's 2020 Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas event in Dana Point, Calif. in January.

Inside the Edition: The fallout from COVID-19

Loretta Clodfelter, senior editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, offers her perspectives on the coronoavirus climate for business and real estate investing, as reported in the latest edition of the magazine. (04/2020)

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