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Tune in regularly to hear industry executives and thought leaders share their market perspectives and insights. In addition, keep abreast of industry trends and issues by listening to The Dohrmann Report, a monthly podcast with IREI executive chairman and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

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IREI:LIVE – Future of Logistics & Retail

During the Future of logistics & retail webinar, we examine how logistics and retail have evolved over the last 20 years to put today's opportunities and challenges into context. The topics discussed are what are the key drivers today as well as what are some key aspects and nuances that are misunderstood to provide new insights into known trends today. From there, we examine how today's emerging trends will create new opportunity sets in the future. Then, to wrap everything…

Webinar: NFI-ODCE Index – Third Quarter Update

Geoffrey Dohrmann, executive chairman and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., and Garrett Zdolshek, portfolio manager of Investors Diversified Realty, discuss the most recent quarterly return of the NFI-ODCE Index, which was the highest in the history of the benchmark (since Q1/1978). Watch an informative discussion on Index performance, outlook, recent trends and significant events. (12/2021)

Author Spotlight: The office workplace you need now

Ben Breslau, chief research officer at JLL, is the co-author of a new book on the evolving office titled, “The Workplace You Need Now,” which discusses reshaping office space for the future of work. Why is personalization of the workplace important and how is it achieved? How can the office be made flexible? What is the purpose-drive and experiential workplaces? What is the “new corporate responsibility” regarding the workplace? Breslau joins the program to explain. (12/2021)

Using advanced technologies to keep real estate projects ‘smart’ and on budget

William Sankey, Jr., co-founder and CEO of Northspyre, says automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence are now capable of playing a big role in bringing real estate projects to fruition with far fewer budget overruns — and will play a key role in the development of smart buildings and cities. The former New York City builder explains during this episode. (12/2021)

Booming farmland and produce prices creating investor opportunities

Craig Wichner, founder and managing partner of Farmland LP, joins the program to address topics ranging from record-setting farmland prices and the billions of dollars flowing into agriculture funds, to rising sales of organic crops and the role U.S. farmland can play in investor portfolios. (12/2021)

CP Capital's Paul Doocy on investing in the current residential sector in the U.S.

Paul Doocy, Managing Director and Co-head  at CP Capital U.S., discusses why German investors are investing in the residential sector across the U.S., if they are investing across the board or are they concentrating on multifamily, or single-family, or apartment blocks, which U.S. cities/states/regions offer the best opportunities and more. (12/2021)

Author Spotlight: The real estate philosopher’s guide to real estate success

Longtime New York City real estate attorney Bruce Stachenfeld, of Duval & Stachenfeld, is the real estate industry’s self-proclaimed “real estate philosopher” and, to that end, has published a new book titled The Real Estate Philosopher’s Guide. He offers his insights and predictions about the future of real estate, how to outperform with your investments, and provides some inspirational anecdotes for these strange and challenging times. (12/2021)

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