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Inside the Edition: Entity-level investing, rent control and, of course, WeWork

Dry powder is fueling interest in entity-level investing, rent control is sweeping parts of the nation and creating challenging public policy and investing issues, and building owners and managers are suddenly finding they must think seriously about their exposure to WeWork leases. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, takes us through these topics. (11/2019)

In Focus: Noel Cabello on medical office

Noel Cabello, vice president – asset management at LaSalle Investment Management, discusses investing in medical office, interest from the capital markets in this asset type, the characteristics of medical office, trends in healthcare and potential risks for investors in medical office. (11/2019)

Shop Talk: Which property type will be most durable during the next downturn

Even during times of economic distress there are some real estate property types or strategies that prove resilient. As investors reformulate their portfolios in anticipation of an expected real estate downturn, which property type or strategy would they be wise to bolster in their portfolios? We take that question to Spenser Allaway, an analyst on the retail research team with Green Street Advisors. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: The art and science of real estate forecasting

Forecasts underwrite every investment decision and are particularly important in real estate because capital commitments are often long term, assets are high value, and transaction costs are high. David Rees, a regional director of research for JLL Asia Pacific, joins the program to discuss the methodology and unique challenges real estate forecasting poses. (10/2019)

Inside the Edition: Are your real estate investments safe in the age of climate change?

The impacts of climate change are already affecting the real estate markets and posing sweeping and long-term consequences for investors and managers, writes Molly McCabe, in a Market Perspective column appearing in Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific. McCabe — president and founder of HaydenTanner, managing partner of Meraki Capital Partners, and past chair of the Responsible Property Investment Council at the Urban Land Institute — joins us to elaborate. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: The continuing case for investing in apartments

Despite a long expansion, high rents and an economic slowdown, Tim Ballard, co-founder and president of Buchanan Street Partners, makes the argument that apartment rentals will continue to see outsized demand for a long time to come. (10/2019)

In Focus: Scott Crowe on the blurred office space

Scott Crowe, chief investment strategist at CenterSquare Investment Management, discusses how the lines between work and play have blurred and how that blur relates to the institutional real estate market, particularly the office market. (10/2019)

Inside the Edition: Real estate education and investment strategies

Why would someone in the real estate industry pursue a real estate-focused graduate degree? What were some of the discussion points at the fall meeting of the IRE Americas editorial advisory board meeting? How are real estate investment strategies evolving at this late stage of the economic cycle? Loretta Clodfelter, senior editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, gives us this month’s roundup. (10/2019)

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