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In Focus: Ethan Penner on how to invest in a severe market dislocation

Ethan Penner, founder and managing partner at Mosaic Real Estate Investors, discusses the rules of investing in a market dislocation and how those rules have changed, how long this market dislocation may last and how to find attractive returns in a dislocated market environment. (07/2020)

Shop Talk: Single-family housing market catches fire, while the apartment sector starts to cool

Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates, says the U.S. housing sector is experiencing a de-urbanization trend, people are moving from high-cost to lower-cost markets, millennials are having babies and buying single-family homes, and mortgage rates and home inventories are at record lows. Add it all up and Zelman is calling housing a relative winner among U.S. economic sectors. (07/2020)

Webinar: Real Estate Recapitalizations, Then and Now

This is an interactive webinar where Nancy Lashine, founder, managing partner at Park Madison, interviews Jeff Giller, partner, head of real estate at StepStone Group Real Estate, on the evolution and history of real estate recapitalizations, why they matter today and their potential applications in the current market environment. Date aired: 7/22/2020

Report from Asia: The potential for post-pandemic investment opportunities

A new report from M&G Real Estate’s team in Asia spoke to the impact of COVID-19 and potential post-pandemic investment opportunities. What are some of those potential opportunities? How are the needs of real estate occupiers evolving? How is demand for warehouse and logistics space likely to rise on the back of growing e-commerce sales? We talk about those issues with Chiang Ling Ng, CEO and CIO of M&G Real Estate’s Asia Pacific operations. (07/2020)

Shop Talk: Investing in senior housing post-pandemic

In advance of their July 23 webcast titled: Investing in Senior Housing Post-COVID-19 (which can be registered for at, we are joined by Lloyd Jones Senior Living chairman and CEO Chris Finlay, and executive vice president and COO Tod Petty to discuss the demographics of the situations, the sweet spot in the senior housing market, as well as the industry’s potential stress points. (07/2020)

Shop Talk: The comeback prospects for hotels and Airbnb

U.S. hotel occupancy has more than doubled from historic lows of just over 20 percent in April, according to Reuters, but the hotel sector’s lost glory is still a long way off. Indeed, Airbnb is likely better positioned for recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. We talk about those prospects with our guest, Michael Beckman, managing director at Townhouse Partners, a due diligence firm focused on the U.S. commercial real estate industry. (07/2020)

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