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Report from Asia: A ‘generational opportunity’ in real estate secondaries

Bastian Wolff, a founding partner at Aquilius Investment Partners, specializes in the real estate secondaries market in the Asia Pacific region, having deployed more than $2 billion in secondaries since 2007. The current timing is unique for secondaries in Asia, according to Wolff. He explains why during this episode. (11/2023)

The Dohrmann Report: November 2023

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., on the economy, his impressions about various property types as we look ahead to the new year, and his recent interview with real estate financing pioneer Ethan Penner about his just-released book Greatness is a Choice. (11/2023)

An expanded vision for self-storage facilities

Jennifer Corbett, commercial leasing operations manager at Reybold Group, suggests the self-storage business is ripe for change, and during this episode she explains the new model her company is pursuing. (11/2023)

Real estate developer Bill Shopoff turns to biofuels with global aspirations

For decades he has been known as the founder and CEO of Shopoff Realty Investments, but Bill Shopoff is now also chairman of Vertimass, a biofuels company aiming to enter the fuel business for automobiles, jetliners and beyond. What’s more, he sees an opportunity to advance agendas pertaining to sustainability, energy security and economic development. (11/2023)

Hines execs offer vision of the winning office buildings of the future

Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines, and Mike Horvath, vice president of conceptual construction at the company, discuss mass timber, learning machines, immersive environments and commercially connected building, all of which are part of — or future elements of — the company's T3 (technology/transit/timber) portfolio with 26 projects in its pipeline. Some of the organization’s work on this front can be viewed at this link: (11/2023)

Flex office and the challenges faced by office investors, owners and operators

Drew Cunningham — partner and COO of Dilweg, an office owner and operator, and a member of the Villanova University Sports Hall of Fame for his exploits as a Lacrosse player — answers the big questions facing office: How have office leases changed since the COVID-19 pandemic? What do tenants now expect from their office leases? What are office operators doing to meet this challenge? Why is flexibility (including flex office) so important or desirable in the current environment? Will…

Report from Europe: Expanding the UK's residential sector

What role does institutional capital need to play in delivering residential solutions across the UK? What are the current obstacles to growth, and what can investors expect from entering the UK market? Cath Webster, CEO, and John Tatham, finance and investment director at Thriving Investments, provide some answers (10/2023)

Inside the Edition: A tale of two office markets

Loretta Clodfelter, editorial director of Institutional Real Estate Inc., discusses the two-part series on the future of the U.S. office sector. The articles appear in the October and November editions of Institutional Real Estate Americas. Which office markets are working and why? What are the prospects for repurposing office buildings that are now longer performing? (10/2023)

RailField's Jon Siegel on the current multifamily market environment

Jon Siegel, CIO, partner and co-founder at RailField, discusses the expectations for the apartment sector in the next year, how apartment rents flattening out in many markets are affecting the investment thesis, which U.S. markets are best positioned to thrive in 2024 and how borrowing costs have been affected by the increase in interest rates. (10/2023)

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