Institutional Real Estate Americas

September 2008: Vol. 20 No. 9

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How to Outrun the Bear: Investors Who Add Value Have a Better Chance

It is a familiar story:

Two guys are hiking in the woods. A grizzly bear appears threatening on the path. The first guy calmly sits down and replaces his hiking boots with running shoes. “What are you doing?” asks the second guy, “Don’t you know that you can’t outrun a bear?” “I know that,” the first guy responds, “I just need to outrun you.”


Of Bicycles and Market Cycles: What the Tour de France Can Teach Investors About Seeking Alpha

Bicycle racing not only offers an instructive metaphor for 21st century investing, but the outcome of the 2008 Tour de France in particular offers lessons for the savvy investor. Investors can learn important lessons from the strategies that prevailed and those that did not, specifically, the thinking and principles behind those strategies, in the larger context of this greatest of all sporting events.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Dale Anne Reiss

Until the end of June, Dale Anne Reiss was global and Americas director of the real estate practice at Ernst & Young. She had responsibility for coordinating the firm’s activities across a broad array of related services around the world. Following her retirement, she is now a senior consultant to the firm. Reiss recently spoke with The Institutional Real Estate Letter contributor Loretta Clodfelter about her years in the commercial real estate and accounting industries, and the role of women in real estate.


The Name Game

When launching a new company, one of the first orders of business is coming up with a firm name. In a competitive marketplace, more companies are realizing the importance of establishing a recognizable, memorable name. In fact, during the past few decades, naming has become a big business in itself, with specialist firms charging clients $50,000 and much more to develop a company or product name.

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