Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

September 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 8

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Asia Pacific

Migrating whales: Japanese investors are making moves in global real estate

Japanese outbound real estate investment, through both commingled funds and direct investments, has seen significant growth since 2016. In our latest survey of more than 120 Japanese institutional investors regarding overseas real estate investment, 73 percent are considering investment through real estate funds and 47 percent through direct investment.

Asia Pacific

A place to live: China and India are rental-housing powerhouses in the making

The curtain is about to rise on China and India as rental-housing power­houses. At present, the world’s largest securitised housing sector is in the United States, where REITs encompassing multifamily, manufactured homes and single-family dwellings sport a market cap of more than US$145 billion. Japan’s housing REITs are next, with US$24 billion.

Asia Pacific

Compact cities set to deliver highest returns

Compact cities are better for their inhabitants, the environment and investors, according to the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the Coalition for Urban Transitions’ new report, Supporting Smart Urban Development: Successful Investing in Density.

Asia Pacific

Multiple factors affect Asia Pacific property stocks in July

While regaining some lost ground in July after weak second quarter performance, Asia Pacific property stocks generally are still struggling from a combination of factors, including higher US interest rates, heightened trade-war tensions, a decoupling of once synchronised global growth, and greater differences in government policies surrounding economic stimulus measures and property cooling measures.

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