Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

October 1, 2020: Vol. 12, Number 9

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Asia Pacific

Shifting sands: The parameters around core real estate have always been stretched at the end of cycles, but fundamental changes could now be altering its very definition

Core real estate has always been a fluid concept. In the not-so-distant past, a large office building in a prime central business district with a single tenant would have been most investors’ definition of a perfect core asset. Today, the ideal office property is a multi­tenanted one that can be quickly reconfigured to match tenant or mixed-use needs.

Asia Pacific

Responding to crisis

Between March and August, we’ve organised and facilitated 55 different virtual roundtable meetings for 414 different participants, including 181 investors and 132 representatives from the companies that sponsor our publications.

Asia Pacific

US$40b raised by real estate funds closing in Q2 2020

The pandemic did not appear to have any ill effects on the real estate fundraising total registered during the second quarter. Instead, 28 funds reported final closings during the quarter, raising US$40.2 billion, according to Institutional Real Estate, Inc’s FundTracker database.

Asia Pacific

Co-working space expands six-fold in Seoul

In June 2020, the total supply of co-working space in the Seoul office market reached 578,700 square metres, a six-fold increase compared with 2016, according to Savills’ Korea Co-Working Market Post-COVID report.

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