Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

November 1, 2014: Vol. 6, Number 10

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Asia Pacific

Then and now: A previously forecast upswing for Japan's property market sheds light on where it is headed

Two years have passed since CBRE Global Investors’ country manager, Tetsuya Fujita, published, “Cycling on: Japan’s real estate market is poised at the start of a cyclical upswing,” in the October 2012 edition of The Letter – Asia Pacific.CBRE Global Investors’ market analysis and forecasts were included in that Market Perspective, and we now have a chance to revisit the accuracy of the original piece and provide insight on where we are currently placed in the cycle.

Asia Pacific

OECD recommends QE continue in Japan, begin in euro area

With the latest GDP growth projections for Japan as low as 0.9 percent for 2014 and 1.1 percent for 2015 — far behind the United States’ 2.1 percent and 3.1 percent projections for 2014 and 2015, respectively — the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development has recommended a continuation of the nation’s quantitative easing.

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