Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

June 2012: Vol. 4 No. 6

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Asia Pacific

Capital Flows: Cross-Border Property Investment Grows As More Asia Pacific Investors Look to Western Markets

In today’s unsettled global marketplace, investors are seeking refuge and opportunity in cross-border real estate investments. For Asia Pacific investors, the troubled markets of Europe and the United States keep beckoning. Longtime investors from Japan and Singapore are being joined by newcomers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and elsewhere. Asia Pacific institutional investment in the United States has increased recently, as has intra-regional Asia Pacific investments. But apart from the United Kingdom, Western Europe has been giving investors a case of the jitters, and investment there slowed in 2011. What challenges and potential rewards do Asian investors face when going cross-border?

Asia Pacific

Side Effects of Austerity: Could Property Market Cooling Measures in China Ultimately Benefit Investors?

The Chinese government has been steadily applying measures to cool China’s property markets, ranging from instructing banks to curtail lending to property market participants, to introducing pilot property taxes in several cities, etc. Although headlines can be quite confusing, it appears these measures have started bringing about results and the prices in many cities have either stopped rising or decreased. Deal volume went down, too.

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