Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

December 1, 2020: Vol. 12, Number 11

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Asia Pacific

Facing adversity: Major trends support core and core-plus strategies in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s growth story and maturing market have brought immense opportunities and changes to the region’s real estate landscape. Once seen as an opportunistic part of the world, key gateway cities in Asia Pacific have since become the darling of the core and core-plus investing space among global investors, with several major trends supporting such investment strategies in the region.

Asia Pacific

Setting the stage: Looking back at 2020 for what’s in store for 2021

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” Often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, this quote says a lot about 2020, which all of us cannot wait to be finished with. It is worthwhile to recap how global events have accelerated the macrotrends developing in the Asia Pacific, which I hope may provide some guidance on where things are as we head into 2021.

Asia Pacific

APG, NPS form partnership for international investment

South Korea’s KRW 752 trillion (US$666 billion) National Pension Service and €538 billion (US$638 billion) Dutch pension fund manager APG are joining forces to invest internationally in large-scale infrastructure and commercial real estate projects, and will share asset management expertise and resources.

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