- November 1, 2015: Vol. 7, Number 10

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Where are we in the cycle right now?: Ask Father Guido Sarducci

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

What issue is at the top of most investors’ minds these days? Pricing, and whether now is the right time to be selling.

Of course, there is no easy answer to that question. A lot rests on what you are attempting to do with your real estate portfolio and what the time horizon for your portfolio happens to be. If you are investing for the long haul to diversify your overall portfolio holdings, and you can weather short-term volatility in pricing and valuations, and you believe real estate investments generally offer a way to hedge your portfolio against inflation, then it doesn’t really matter what time it is, or where we might be in the cycle.

The long-term strategy for most CIOs has been to develop a rational asset-allocation plan and, then, continue to rebalance as different asset classes reach their peaks at different times in their cycles.

Most CIOs would argue attempting to market time is a loser’s strategy. Few of us are very good at calling market to

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