- April 1, 2019: Vol. 13, Number 4

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Warehouses will move location due to robotics


Europe’s warehouses will become facilities packed with sophisticated technology manned by highly skilled workers, altering where logistics facilities are located in the future.

New research compiled in the UK by Aberdeen Standard Investments and Transport Intelligence shows that robotics is set to transform the nature of employment within logistics. The two companies have estimated that 56 percent of businesses involved in the sector plan to invest in robotics, while 10 percent have already invested in the technology. 25 percent of research respondents also revealed that they have invested in warehouse automation, with a further 43 percent intending to invest in it in the future. Automated technology is already the most important feature for new facilities, according to the research. In addition, 52 percent have also invested in technology like data analytics and 32 percent are utilising the Internet of Things.

At present, 11 million people work in the logistics and

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