- February 1, 2019: Vol. 11, Number 2

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Three themes: Seeking the answers to life’s persistent questions

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

This past November, we completed our annual cycle of Editorial Advisory Board Meetings for the three different editions of our Institutional Real Estate publications for 2018. As you may be aware, the topics for the roundtable discussions that take place at these meetings are submitted in advance by the participants to ensure the discussions are always focused on the issues and concerns that are keeping them up at night and driving their investment decision making.

Topics vary from meeting to meeting, but there are always common themes.

Looking back over the thousands of topics we’ve discussed at the hundreds of advisory board meetings we’ve conducted over the years in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, three persistent questions seem to crop up at some point in the discussions.

The first is, “What is core?” You would think, after 30 years of constantly grappling with this question, that the investors, consultants and investment managers in

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