- July 1, 2016: Vol. 8, Number 7

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The year thus far: Putting the Asia Pacific region into perspective

by Alan Dalgleish

Looking back on the first part of 2016, I am sure readers will agree this year has brought an astonishing array of news, the vast majority of which has been totally unforeseen and much of which has been fairly unappealing for those who wish a quiet life. You name it, we seem to have experienced it: volatility in stock markets, currencies and commodity prices; geopolitical concerns — the list goes on. None of this was helped in the Asia Pacific region by “China bashing”, which became popular in certain sections of the media.

As the year has unfolded, all of this seemed to build a picture of uncertainty and fear, a sense that 2016 would be cataclysmic and filled with dread. And yet, far from it: Markets have settled and soldiered on, and plenty of property deals are being done as part of the execution of very sound investment strategies.

There is no doubt about the sizeable amount of capital raised and available to be deployed. ANREV’s own Capital Raising Survey

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