- March 1, 2011: Vol. 3, Number 3

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Taking on India: What Real Estate Investment Opportunities Does India Have to Offer?

by Dr. David Lynn, Dr. Tim Wang and Cassondra Mehlum

The Indian property market differs significantly from many other markets in the world, and investment strategy and decisions must be adjusted accordingly. The Indian market is extremely large, diverse, complex, fragmented and experiencing rapid growth. It also is rather undeveloped, with issues of corruption, low transparency, and bureaucratic laws and governance.

The Indian market offers a variety of potential opportunities. The economy is growing, and demand for many types of real estate is strong around the country, albeit concentrated in a handful of cities. The fundamental growth factors that drive real estate are strong, including GDP growth, exports, foreign direct investment (FDI), urban growth, population growth, income growth and increasing disposable incomes. Relative to population and economy size, the real estate market is an unusually small percentage of GDP, creating an opportunity for significant growth potential within a rapidly growing economy. The sectors w

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