- April 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 4

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Take Five: A brief intermission with Tom Masthay

by Tom Masthay

Tom Masthay is director – real assets, with the Texas Municipal Retirement System.

1. Who was your mentor?

Professionally, I credit two individuals: T.J. Carlson and Chris Schelling. I have these gentlemen to thank for honing my abilities, expanding my drive, and challenging me to be a better communicator and thinker. They are also largely the reason I am at TMRS: T.J. is CIO; Chris is director of private equity.

Personally, I credit my parents. I have them to thank for growing up in a household that valued education and the free pursuit of whatever intellectual interest suited me.

2. What do you find most attractive about real estate?

I find the tangible nature of real estate to be most appealing. Working in both government and finance, I often find I feel insulated from the hustle and bustle of real economic activity. I find doing site tours, talking with operators and seeing investment managers in their elemen

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