- October 1, 2015: Vol. 9, Number 9

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Spreading the net: Real estate remains attractive, but are institutions overlooking other opportunities in the private markets sphere?

by Derek Williams

Real estate remains a core asset for many institutional investors, and rightly so. The manager universe is broad and established with a transparent track record and the market continues to offer an array of opportunities that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. However, investors should also be considering other asset classes within the private markets sphere that offer strong returns and opportunities to match investments with long-term liabilities.

This article highlights why infrastructure and corporate direct lending should not be overlooked and shows how to successfully navigate these relatively young institutional asset classes.

The crisis of 2007–2008 led to a significant evolution in real estate investment markets across the globe. In the United States, we saw a very aggressive approach to writing down assets, with valuations reduced by up to 45 percent over an 18-month period, creating a significant opportunity for investors to benefit from investing

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