- April 1, 2019: Vol. 31, Number 4

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On the rise: A new generation of real estate professionals look to technology to shape the future of the industry

by Jody Barhanovich

As time will have it, older generations retire, and younger generations take their place. The new generation of real estate professionals represent the future of the industry, and when they look out at where the business will be in the coming decades, they see the potential impact of new technology as one of the biggest changes ahead.

Technology takes over

Although the real estate industry has historically been slow to adopt new technologies compared with other industries or segments of the economy, many expect technology will continue to play an increasingly larger role in the future of the industry.

“Most — if not all — sectors of the industry will be impacted by technology, from automation in construction to the way capital is raised to how deals are sourced and transacted,” says Chris Miers, formerly a principal at Bard Consulting.

Max Sharkansky, managing partner at Trion Properties, agrees and says tools such as crowdfunding

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