- December 2012: Vol. 24 No. 11

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Real Estate Reincarnated: Changing Work and Lifestyles Will Require Changing Structures, and That Represents a Big Opportunity

by Claude Gruen

The pace of economic recovery will be fastest in the job centers where businesses are constantly transforming what they make and how they make it. New and adaptive real estate development, built to suit the unique cultures of these businesses and the people who work in them, will lead and accelerate economic growth. Capital is available for these developments if proposed projects include equity and can realistically forecast profits and loan repayments.

The recent transaction economy was so named because deals made with financiers powered up all types of production but particularly real estate. Investment bankers on Wall Street and in the financial capitals of the world were the fulcrum of business growth. The world is now in a transformation economy. Business growth and survival will depend on the ability to produce new and improved products and services demanded in global markets. The new “big things” not only show big profits, they also alter the culture of both consum

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