- May 1, 2017: Vol. 11, Number 05

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Questions of sentiment: Real estate investors know what they’re doing

by Jonathan Schein

What is the outlook this year for investing in real estate? Institutional Real Estate Inc has just published its 21st Annual Investor Survey and here are some of its findings. The purpose of the survey is to identify and understand the investment trends that are driving the decisions of the largest and most influential real estate investors around the world. Note — investors, not investment managers.


The web-based survey, supplemented by follow-up phone calls and interviews, was launched on 18 October 2016. 85 percent of responses were submitted after the US presidential election, so the respondents were aware of the outcome. 164 responses, representing aggregate assets under management of $7.93 trillion (€7.39 trillion), were received by 11 January; 113 from US respondents (69 percent of responses; AUM of $3.50 trillion/€3.26 trillion), 51 from non-US investors (31 percent of responses; AUM of $4.43 trillion/€4.13 trillion

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