- Q2/2022 IREI.Q Fundraising report

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Q2/2022 Fundraising report

by Larry Gray

Fundraising activity in 2022 is off to a slow start following a record-setting fourth quarter in 2021. A total of 34 private equity real estate funds recorded final closings during second quarter 2022, raising an aggregate $19.3 billion, according to the IREI.Q database. It’s the lowest fundraising volume since Q3/2017 when 32 funds raised $18.2 billion. This follows the uninspired first quarter fundraise total of $19.4 billion. Both figures pale in comparison with the Q4/2021 total of $65.3 billion. For the first half of the year, the fundraising total of $48.2 billion ranks as the lowest total since 2014’s figure of $44.1 billion, but it is on par with last year’s six-month total of $50.2 billion.

As noted in the first quarter Fundraising Report, uncertainty in the global financial markets has investors on edge as they deal with threats from inflation, rising interest rates and a slowing global economy, not to mention the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which con

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