- October 1, 2020: Vol. 14, Number 9

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Out of the office: Should investors reassess their strategies in light of the remote working revolution?

by John Mulqueen

From the widespread donning of masks, to our approach to buying dried pasta and toilet paper, much has changed since the coronavirus pandemic first made headlines at the beginning of the year.

Perhaps one of the biggest shifts has been in our perceptions of working from home and the role of the office. As recently as February of this year, a company’s working-from-home policy, if it had one, was viewed as a reflection of its ethos — a soft perk to attract a more diverse pool of talent. In more traditional companies, managers often viewed working from home as “shirking from home” and something only to be tolerated in exceptional circumstances.

Now, there has been a radical shift in how we approach the concept, underpinned by a new-found realisation that employees can be trusted to work remotely and that productivity can be sustained, or even enhanced, at least in the short term. When we return to normal, there will likely be a widespread acceptance of remote wor

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