- October 1, 2010: Vol. 2, Number 9

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New Milestones: China’s Growth Continues to Grab Headlines

by Alex Eidlin

Our Asia Pacific publication covers most countries in Asia where institutional investors invest in real estate. And while we are trying to provide coverage for all these countries and markets equally, China continues grabbing headlines in a way that is impossible to ignore or skip over easily, as these events have clear implications for investors in real estate.

Not long ago, I was reading news about China surpassing Germany as the third largest economy in the world. I was not particularly shocked, but it was an achievement that surprised many China watchers, given the speed with which the Chinese economy ascended to the third place in the world.

Well, that was in the past, albeit not so distant. The big news now is that China has become the second largest economy, displacing Japan from the spot it held for nearly four decades. In August, Japan announced that its economy was worth US$1.28 trillion, while China’s earlier announced figure stood at US$1.33 tril

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