- December 1, 2017: Vol. 11, Number 11

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Nearly on top table but not just yet

by Richard Fleming

A report from JLL and The Business of Cities shows that most of the world’s leading cities are in Asia. The report, which analyses 44 global cities, lists a Top Seven that features London, New York City and Paris as the top three, with Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul taking the remaining four places.

“Seoul has stepped up to join the top six ‘Established World Cities’,” says Jeremy Kelly, director in global research at JLL, “due to increasing openness, exceptional digital connectivity, the presence of innovative global firms and robust infrastructure. Once a traditionally closed market, Seoul is widening its international talent base with the presence of many multinationals, making the city highly competitive on a global level.”

A second-tier group of 10 “contender” global cities that is hot on the heels of the top seven features fewer cities from Asia and more from Europe and North America. According to the report, China’s “alpha cities”

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