- March 1, 2020: Vol. 32, Number 3

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Mixed-use, remixed: Mixed-use is an old idea making a comeback in a remixed form that meets the needs of the workforce integral to the digital economy

by Bryan Sanchez

It may seem counterintuitive, but to identify attractive real estate investment opportunities, a great place to look is the past — 1908, to be exact. That’s the year Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile, the first mass-produced vehicle affordable to the average American, which almost single handedly determined the layout of the United States. In the 111 years since then, automobiles have been a central factor in the places people choose to live and work, and the lifestyles they lead. Until now.

The digital era has brought rapid change on the technology front and has significantly altered the lifestyles and housing preferences of the average American. With those changes has come a dramatic shift in the real estate investments that are best positioned for success. From economic shifts that have made dual-income families the norm (and a necessity, in most cases), to cultural changes that have created a society focused on convenience, no shortage of factors are drivin

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