- September 1, 2014: Vol. 8, Number 8

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Market Focus: Wroclaw, Poland

by Joanna Tano and Rosie Rumsey

With a population of 632,000 inhabitants, Wrocław is the fourth most populated city in Poland and this figure rises to more than 1 million when taking into consideration the Wrocław agglomeration. It is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship (province), which is located in the south-west of Poland bordering both Germany and the Czech Republic. The city is built across 12 islands on the River Oder, joined by more than 100 bridges. Wrocław has one of the most robust economies within the country, and was ranked the number one city in Poland for foreign investment in 2012. It has become the most significant region in Poland for research and development, participating in international projects focused on new technologies in IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology and medicine. It has also become an important hub for the creative industries, particularly computer graphics and animation, IT systems and mobile applications.

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