- January 1, 2014: Vol. 8, Number 1

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Market focus: Moscow, Russia

by Joanna Tano and Istvan Toth

Situated on the Moskva River, Moscow — the capital city of Russia — is the country’s most populous city, home to just under 12 million inhabitants (2012). The city (excluding suburbs) is counted among the largest in the world. Aside from being the seat of political power for the Russian Federation, Moscow has a strong economy (contributing 22 percent of national GDP in 2012) while unemployment in the city is very low (0.8 percent at the end of 2012).

The historical significance of the Kremlin (the world-renowned fortress and presidential seat, located in the heart of Moscow) lies not only in its political importance, but also in its significant contribution to the current city landscape: it sits at the heart of the city’s road system, with avenues spanning outwards to intersect with a sequence of circular “ring” roads. It is also one of four world heritage sites located in the Moscow area, which combine to make the city a top tourism target. Indeed, tourism and th

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