- October 1, 2019: Vol. 31, Number 9

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Making the turn: A tipping point on climate change has arrived, but the pace of the transition from fossil fuels will determine winners and losers

by Drew Campbell

If you sense something has changed in the aftermath of the latest category five hurricane to hit North America, you are not alone. Look at some recent headlines:

Why are hurricanes like Dorian stalling, and is global warming involved? Germany’s finance minister says ‘restart’ with massive climate investments needed to curb emissions Benefits of investing in climate adaptation far outweigh costs, commission says Global leaders call for urgent action on climate adaptation A call to action to the global energy industry: Why the energy mix is not changing nearly as quickly as the world needs it to $20 billion fund in Denmark divests from 10 major oil companies, citing ‘poor returns’ Thinking Ahead Institute cites global temperature change as top extreme risk for investors

One word that stands out in the list of headlines above is adaptation. Preventing climate change and keeping global temperature

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