- January 1, 2014: Vol. 8, Number 1

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Looking a lot better: Global real estate investors are now judging that Europe is a good place to be, again

by Sabina Kalyan

1 This time last year, the international investment community seemed evenly divided on the euro zone. Half really hated the market, and the other half simply disliked it. A year later, and the hotels of Madrid are full of US opportunistic investors looking for distressed portfolios, and the German central bank is warning of a housing bubble! With the United States caught in political deadlock and central bank uncertainty, the euro zone now looks like a haven of relative stability. Still, it is not just the mood in Europe that is looking better. Since April 2013, we have seen a structural bull market in global equities. The news from China, with a knock-on impact on her Asian trading partners, has improved, and Abenomics seems to be having a genuine impact on Japan. It is hard to escape the notion that the world is now entering its recovery phase, with risk appetite rising in a variety of markets and asset classes. The euro zone is at the vanguard of this improvement. A y

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