Lockdowns have not affected attitudes towards UK cities
- March 1, 2022: Vol. 16, Number 3

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Lockdowns have not affected attitudes towards UK cities

by Marek Handzel

Lockdowns do not appear to have had a major impact on people’s attachment to city-living in the UK.

New research conducted by Landsec and Public First, a specialist policy research agency, has found that the effects of lockdown have not featured heavily in people’s reflections about city-living. If anything, city dwellers have developed a new appreciation for parks, open green spaces and the benefits of cleaner air due to reduced traffic levels as a result of lockdowns. As restrictions have come to an end and activities have begun to resume, people have reverted back to their previous city lives with ease, according to the research.

A report based on the research, called Urban Patriotism, has also challenged the perception of cities as transient places of individuals. It questions whether a large proportion of the population really only stop in cities for a short time before moving on and so never gaining a deep attachment of any kind. “The truth is that

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