- September 1, 2019: Vol. 11, Number 8

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Investment risk roundtable: Property investors face mounting concerns in a slowing global economy

by Dr Jennifer Molloy

An up market must come down, which can leave unprepared investors vulnerable. What needs to be on investors’ radar to help them grapple with these more-turbulent economic and geopolitical times? Recently, Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific senior editor Jennifer Molloy asked a number of experts their opinions about investment risk, and their responses are collected below. The roundtable discussion includes Rushabh Desai, CEO – Asia Pacific, with Allianz Real Estate; Tim Jowett, director, investment strategy and analysis, Grosvenor Asia Pacific; and Kenneth Tsang, managing director, head of research and strategy – real estate Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Asset Management.

Right now, what do you consider to be the biggest threats to institutional property investors based in the Asia Pacific region?

Tsang: Currently, the biggest threat stems from the playout

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