Geoffrey Dohrmann
- April 1, 2022: Vol. 34, Number 4

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High time for a change? What the industry really needs is to create and adopt one single universal data collection, data analysis and performance reporting ecosystem

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

It’s no secret that the way in which information is shared in this industry today is highly inefficient and far too costly. Most investors and consultants currently receive multiple customized performance reports from multiple managers.

Although investors and consultants typically attempt to standardize the way in which this information is submitted, they don’t all agree on how that information should be standardized. To make matters worse, different managers can employ slightly different definitions for the hundreds and sometimes thousands of different data-field sources employed to produce these numbers, inhibiting the ability to make meaningful apples to apples comparisons. And some of the information submitted by some managers sometimes fails to meet the investor’s specifications, which forces the investors to waste time clarifying the data submitted.

Consolidating all these disparate inputs to produce a crystal-clear picture of what’s really going on acros

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