- July 1, 2019: Vol. 31, Number 7

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Global mega-funds dominate 2019: North America and Europe remain attractive

by Sheila Hopkins

Based on YTD 2019 data (through May 15, 2019), global/multi-regional real estate investment funds are leading the fundraising pack for the first time in two years, followed by funds focused on North America and Europe. During the past 12 months, no fund that focused on Latin America, the Middle East or Africa closed, although these regions are likely included in the current global or multi-regional funds.

We tend to think of global funds as always accounting for a large percentage of the capital raised each year simply because each offering is so large, but their impact on the annual fundraising market actually varies widely. Back in 2014, global funds accumulated 24 percent of the capital raised. Global/multi-regional funds holding a final close in 2015 accounted for an astounding 40 percent of the capital raised that year. The next year, 2016, saw this cohort’s share drop to 34 percent. This downward trend continued during the following two years, with global/multi-region

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