- May 1, 2020: Vol. 32, Number 5

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Eye of the storm: Early thoughts on post-pandemic scenarios for commercial real estate

by Andreas Calianos

If wars and apocalypses are recurring and inevitable, what should the person with wealth do? Experience suggests, that for in-country wealth, land and properties in your own country are the safest havens in a chaos prone, vulnerable world. — Barton Biggs, Wealth, War and Wisdom

During March 2020, reported confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States increased from 68 cases on March 1 to almost 200,000 on March 31. Current projections predict, even if containment efforts significantly mitigate transmission of the novel coronavirus, the United States will likely pass 1 million cases during April. Nobody truly knows what will happen next, and high confidence at this stage in any outcome — good or bad — is likely misplaced.

Although we are in early days, one certainty remains: Massive and direct fiscal and monetary stimulus will occur at a level and speed previously unseen. The likely outcome for U.S. re

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