- November 1, 2022: Vol. 14, Number 10

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Emerging opportunity: What Japan’s boutique and luxury hospitality sector can offer investors

by Daniel Vovil, Sam Luck, John Kakita and Yuki Baba

As the world gets smaller and more interconnected, travellers continue to seek high-quality, authentic and unique travel experiences. Japan has authentic, unique experiences in spades with an abundance of tourist attractions, a rich history, distinctive food culture, varying climates and endless activities — not least of which are the accommodation experiences in their boutique, luxury and traditional Japanese hotels and inns.

The boutique and luxury sector in Japan offers an entirely different experience from that found in the typical hotel market. These hotels are often located in scenic or rural areas near natural hot springs, with accompanying bathing facilities, providing guests with an immersive experience in Japanese culture, natural surroundings and cuisine they may not find anywhere else.

Japanese accommodation has evolved from simple lodgings for travellers on foot to pilgrimage accommodation for temple worshipers and aristocrats and now into a mix of moder

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