- September 1, 2012: Vol. 4, Number 8

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Emerging Asia: The Next Phase of Emerging Asian Markets Offer Opportunities

by Mard Naman

Rapid growth and good demographics make newly emerging Asian markets such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia intriguing options for investors. Should investors explore these new frontiers, or are risks too high and unjustifiable for institutional investors? At the same time, a lot of capital has gone to more established emerging economies such as China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Are these more developed emerging markets overpriced, or do good opportunities still exist there?

Asia Pacific countries are often designated as “mature” or “emerging,” but in reality it’s not always that simple. The countries, and their real estate markets, exist along a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum, Japan and Australia would be considered developed or mature markets by almost any standard. At the other end of the spectrum are newly and truly emerging economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam — markets that have not yet attr

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