Crypto messages: Is blockchain’s potential about to be realised?
- January 1, 2019: Vol. 13, Number 1

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Crypto messages: Is blockchain’s potential about to be realised?

by Marek Handzel is the editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe.

Still not convinced about blockchain technology’s place in real estate investment? Here’s something that might change your mind. 2018 ushered in the arrival of some fascinating new ventures aimed at harnessing the power of blockchain to provide investors with better efficiency and liquidity.

Take London-headquartered Avignon Capital as an example.

Back in the summer, Institutional Real Estate Europe reported on the manager partnering with iYield, a liquidity platform for commercial and residential real estate (see August 2018 issue).

The partnership involves Avignon Capital sourcing, structuring and managing European commercial real estate investments for iYield. The digital platform provider will then provide access to these assets through a cryptocurrency called YieldCoin.

Not only does YieldCoin provide a way for illiquid assets to become tradable online, it is also part of a platform that allows for search funding and closing steps to happen in on

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