- June 1, 2016: Vol. 28, Number 6

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Crossing the pond: European property markets are attracting U.S. investors

by Sheila Hopkins

Only a few years ago, Europe was a no-go zone for U.S. investors. The sovereign debt crisis, talk of a euro zone break-up, and a persistent recession with accompanying predictions of Japanese-style stagflation were enough to scare off the most intrepid investor. But times have changed.

Real estate markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa received $183 billion of capital funding in 2015, according to Savills, and 63 percent of this originated outside the region. North America was the largest single source of investment, putting $75 billion into EMEA last year. Of those North American investors, U.S. investors accounted for most of the capital, with Europe being the overwhelming favorite as a destination.

And U.S. investors expect to continue their love affair with Europe in 2016 and beyond (at least for a couple of years). In fact, one-third of U.S. real estate investors say they are planning to invest in continental Europe and/or the United Kingdom in 2016, ac

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