- October 1, 2021: Vol. 15, Number 9

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The cost of living: A global perspective on housing affordability and opportunities for real estate investors

by Joachim Kehr, Matthew Goulding and Uma Pattarkine

With worldwide residential prices surging, affordable housing has become a global challenge for populations and policymakers alike.

Responses to this dilemma have varied by country. Some are applying the heavy hand of government, others are relying on the invisible hand of the market, and a further group are employing a hybrid approach between the public and private sectors.

Although the opportunity for real estate investors to lean into changing secular patterns and create affordable housing options varies by region, success will be driven by an increasingly complex set of factors, including shifting consumer demand, price dislocation and the policies that govern the sector.

Singapore: The power of policy

The reliance on government in assuring affordable housing options can be clearly seen in Singapore, leaving little room — or need — for the private sector to play a meaningful role. Affordable housing has been a linchpin of policyma

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