- October 1, 2013: Vol. 7, Number 9

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Coming out from under: Eastern Europe is a big place and its emerging economies have much to offer

by Kateryna Arriaga Frias, Joanna Pena and Peter Barisic

This introductory article on eastern Europe is the first of a series of articles on the region that BulwienGesa AG will be writing for The Letter – Europe. Subsequent articles will focus on individual countries and groups of countries. Together, these articles will provide a comprehensive insight into eastern Europe, its emerging country groups A, B and C, and the environment for real estate investors.

Is there sign of a turnaround in eastern Europe’s emerging countries? Although the countries of the region were hit hard by the global financial crisis of 2008, BulwienGesa believes that they still offer serious investment potential. Over recent decades, the countries of western Europe have contributed to eastern Europe’s economic growth, and the impact of the euro zone sovereign debt crisis now appears to be abating.

The key competitive advantages of eastern Europe includ

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