- July 1, 2021: Vol. 33, Number 7

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Buzz cities: Young professionals are in motion, and here is where the talent, action and profits can be found

by Mike Consol

Buzz: An atmosphere of excitement and activity.

Now, more than in a long time, young American professionals are on the move — driven from their fixed positions in major U.S. cities, and no longer tethered to their physical places of employment.

Yes, it is one of the symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic but, more accurately, the pandemic has accelerated changes in the job market that have been trending for a couple of decades, especially among members of the so-called knowledge economy — people who work with information in its various forms can pretty much work from anywhere that has a dependable internet connection.

Given freedom of movement, where do young knowledge-economy professionals go? You probably can rattle off at least some of the names of cities that are creating buzz these days: Austin; Boise, Idaho; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas/Fort Worth; Denver; Phoenix; Nashville; Raleigh, N.C.; and Salt Lake City, among others.


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