- June 1, 2017: Vol. 11, Number 06

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Brexit aftermath brings varied foreign investor reactions


A UK Capital Markets Research report by JLL titled Opportunity knocking or siren calling? has found a wide variance in foreign investor reactions to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. Immediately after the June 2016 referendum, stock markets were volatile and currency markets saw sharp movements, up to 20 percent, against the pound. Some UK real estate deals were halted, to be resucitated later; some were withdrawn, with the buying parties never to reappear. The JLL report found that the currency depreciation spurred increased investment in the United Kingdom from the Middle East and Asia Pacific but that capital inflow from the United States and global funds was lower. The table below details the year-on-year changes in inflow and shares of foreign investment in UK real estate. JLL points to the different motivations and strategies of investors; “currency movements are one of many investment considerations, and there is no ‘one-size-fits

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