- May 1, 2018: Vol. 12, Number 5

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Becoming more human: AI shouldn’t be feared. It’s a chance for us all to focus on what makes us who we are

by Marek Handzel

Assuming he recovers from recent heart surgery, Arnold Schwarzenegger will begin filming his scenes for the sixth full feature installment of The Terminator franchise this summer. The former governor of California will once again team up with James Cameron, the director of the first two Terminator movies, who will act as executive producer.

Neither of them is giving away much about the plot (which, incidentally, will pretend that the last three Terminator movies did not exist), but if rumours surrounding the script are true, then Schwarzenegger will not be reprising his role as a T-800 cyborg from the future. Instead, his part will be that of an elderly man whose younger self was used as the prototype for the original batch of T-800s. We will get to see what the man was like and perhaps find out why his DNA was chosen to create the organic layer that shrouds the Terminator.

When this next chapter in the series is released, you can almost guarantee that some cr

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