- March 1, 2020: Vol. 32, Number 3

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At issue: The world as our readers see it

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

We have concluded the 11th iteration of our Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas conference. Every year, we kick off the conference by providing attendees with a window into the world as our readers see it. Below are a few of the issues of importance to the members of our editorial advisory boards around the world, as well as the readers of our global suite of publications.

The end. End of cycle worries continue, but most expect at least another year of clear sailing before the next downturn. No one will say, “This time it’s different,” but it sure sounds like more and more people are acting as if, “This time it’s different.” And some are asking, “Is it really possible to reposition portfolios defensively?” (If so, how? Or is it all just talk?) How are people repositioning their portfolios?

Central banks. Central banks’ actions to keep interest rates low have prolonged the cycle, but central banks appea

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