- June 1, 2021: Vol. 13, Number 6

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Accelerating into trends: For investors who take a chance, 2021 will be remembered as a once-in-a-cycle opportunity

by Simon Durkin

2021 should be a year of recovery. At the same time, it will mark a transition period for the economy, for public health and for broader society as we adapt to a “new normal”.

Real assets investors are now “coming off double mute” to articulate their plans for 2021 and beyond. Opportunities are being driven by increased sector and market dispersion brought about by accelerating structural change, the ability to add value through active asset management and the cyclical recovery.

It is well documented that long-term real estate performance is driven by income. Astute and disciplined timing of entry into markets, however, can provide an additional return boost.

In seeking to augment returns in this way, investors should be as mindful of the future drivers of demand as they are of today’s relative pricing. After all, it is the ability of an asset to attract and retain tenants over the longer term that will deliver income and further enhance capital return

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